How To Clean The Popcorn Equipment?

Ultimate Guide To Clean Your Popcorn Equipment


Do you own Popcorn Equipment Melbourne? Then, you might have faced challenges and hurdles while cleaning the equipment. Nowadays it is quite hard to witness malls and multiplexes without popcorn equipment. Popcorn is one of the foods that satisfy the taste buds of kids to Elders. Owning and maintaining popcorn equipment needs professional hands and advice. Though several suppliers are available in the market, you need to choose the professional one who offers the latest machine with advanced services. By choosing a certified vendor, you can ensure the value for money for equipment. Here are the ultimate guides to clean popcorn equipment.

Turn Off And Unplug The Machine

The first and foremost steps of cleaning Popcorn Equipment Melbourne are turning off the machine and unplugging it. The professionals will make sure that all the lights and heating components of the popcorn machine are turned off and check whether the machine is completely unplugged or not. After the confirmation, the professionals will allow the kettle to cool down for at least an hour for the effective cleaning process. It is a must to remove all popcorn and kernels from the kettle before initiating the process of equipment cleaning. When the kettle is cooled to the touch, it ensures effective cleaning.

Remove The Kettle From The Unit

The next step in the cleaning process is to remove the Popcorn Accessories, Kettle from the unit. All you need to do is unplug the Kettle and remove it from the popcorn equipment’s larger unit for the easily wiped down process. The professionals will be available with the cleaning agent for the equipment. You can make use of those cleaning agents and wipe down the kettle on the inside and outside. One of the key things, you should remember while cleaning the kettle is you should not submerge it completely in the water as it leads to cause damage. After wiping down the machine, you can reinstall back in the popcorn equipment.

Boil Out The Machine

For every week or month depending on the usage of popcorn equipment, you should boil out the kettle for hygiene. Professionals will recommend using specially formulated kettle cleaner for effective cleaning. All you need to do is mix the cleaning agent with the mentioned amount of water and bring it to a boil in the plugged-in Kettle. After the solution is in the kettle begins to boil, you need to turn it off and allow it to leave the kettle for a particular time to remove the specks of dust and dirt from the kettle.

Drain And Rinse The Kettle

Once the solution is removed from the Kettle, you can drain the liquid out of the kettle and rinse it with the water. Use a wet cloth and sponge to remove to fully rinse the kettle. After removing all the wetness from the kettle, you can place it back in the popcorn equipment.

Use a Non-Ammonia Based Cleaner To Wipe The Glass

The last and final step of cleaning Popcorn Equipment Melbourne is to use non-ammonia based cleaner to clean the glass of the equipment. This is because the non-ammonia based cleaner will enhance food safety and will not cause any health-related issues. You can either use towel to wipe or allow the surface to dry before turning on the popcorn machine. By now, you get to know about how to clean the popcorn equipment properly.