Significant Reasons To Choose The Myobrace Melbourne For Your Kids


Your child may have oral problems such as misaligned teeth, overcrowding, spacing, crossbite, and others. To solve all these malocclusions of teeth, consider the Myobrace Melbourne is the effective choice. It is a non-surgical, preventative solution for dental issues that need to be corrected with more drastic orthodontic treatments. As your kid’s jaws and teeth will constantly grow and age, using the myobrace helps to align them perfectly in the earlier stage. It has the 4 stages of treatment as habit correction, arch development, dental alignment, and retention, which are typically completed within 18 months. Apart from the perfect smile, it helps the children aged 3 to 15 with breathing, facial muscle, swallowing, and tongue placement. Read the below lines to know the importance of selecting the myobrace for your child. 

Straightens Teeth 

Using the myobrace helps your child to correct the dangerous oral habits linked to bent or misaligned teeth. It can use light pressure to get straighter teeth effectively. Patients using this kind of brace should also practice regular exercise to address breathing patterns, tongue position, and muscle function, which can straightens the teeth. 

No Permanent Retainers 

Kids who have had braces find their teeth overcrowded or shift back after removing them. But using the myobrace helps to improve the oral habits, so the teeth can be aligned perfectly, so they significantly stay straight and the position won’t change once they are removed. 

Maintainable Oral Hygiene 

When using the traditional braces, they are hard to remove, and it is difficult to maintain oral hygiene practices. But the myobrace is removable, so keeping the mouth clean is easy for your child. Teeth can be brushed completely when they are removed in the morning and night. When all teeth are corrected in treatment, the brushing and flossing would become easier. 

Reduce The Teeth Damage  

Braces and retainers are not suited well for everyone; also they cause teeth damage in a few people. If an elder person needs treatment they are more prone to damage from the orthodontic accessories. To reduce the damage to teeth, you would consider the myobrace as the best choice for your toddler as it is specially designed with soft silicon material that accommodates sensitive gums. 

Myobrace Melbourne Is Easily Removable 

Unlike braces, the myobrace won’t make regular tasks like teeth cleaning, eating, flossing, and others won’t be complicated for your child. They can be easily removed from the mouth based on their convenience. So, their oral health Invisalign burwood won’t be affected over time, and they can do everything easily. 

No More Braces       

One of the key factors that attract more people to Myobrace is they do not look like braces. Even though the braces can be effective, now everyone prefers to go with the myobrace. In addition, people who are treated with this orthodontic appliance won’t feel self-conscious and they can feel free to smile among others. It shouldn’t feel insecure about the way the myobrace looks and how they showed during treatment.  

It Offers The Comfort

Although myobrace is subtle, it is an effective technique to align the teeth.  The duration and gentle pressure of this treatment mean that any actions are not very destructive. With the help of the myobrace soft silicon technology comfort, it aids to realign your teeth naturally without facing any aggressive movements and difficulties. Moreover, it has reduced treatment time, so you do not need to sit with your kid for hours in the hospital. 

Prevents Uneven Teeth 

Apart from people with crooked teeth, individuals who need to prevent misalignments can also consider the myobrace. Your orthodontist would suggest your child myobrace treat any basic problems that would potentially create the crooked teeth appearance. Moreover, the myobrace help to avoid teeth extraction taking more time and having a complex process. It can be worn for two hours daily and then overnight. 

Final Opinion 

From the above reasons, now you would know the importance of the Myobrace Melbourne technique. At Huntingdale dental care, we will help to align your kid’s teeth well. For a complete consultant about your child’s misaligned teeth, contact our clinic and schedule an appointment today. Our skilled and well-versed orthodontics will help you through all the processes and give you the best result with the expertise of myobrace procedure.