How To Keep Your Makeup Looking Incredible On Holiday!


Makeup on long trips is all about learning to pack less and do less. You would be surprised how one little adjustment to your daily routine can make the following weeks of travelling as easy as possible. That’s why we’re here with all the essentials to help it stay looking incredible no matter what you’re doing!

Being high maintenance whilst also being adventurous and ‘living life to the fullest’ can be very difficult without the right approach. So, if going on holiday and keeping up with your glam routine in the heat is scary for you, then this is the ideal guide for you! We’ve got you covered no matter what your glam routine looks like.


Let’s start with mascara; although it could be argued that mascara and false lashes are the most necessary part of your routine to bring the whole look together, they are also probably the messiest and the most difficult to sustain whilst being active such as backpacking. Wind without the right lash glue will end in disaster, and rain without waterproof mascara will also end in disaster. Alternatives can include attempting to go lash and mascara-free for your trip, or you can try lash extensions!

Many people have been proven to develop a dependency on lashes and mascara, to the point where they begin to only feel confident when they are wearing the product. Yet having a break is also proven to break this vicious cycle and help develop confidence in yourself again, so following along with your trip away from home, you could attempt a trip away from mascara! Although this could be the best option for some people, there’s no doubt you still want to feel as hot as possible, even in the wild. This is where the holy grail, lash extensions comes in.

We’ve all heard of them, some of us may have tried them, or even wear them religiously. Lash extensions are the perfect, sustainable option to give you confidence with minimal effort. Lasting anywhere between 3-8 weeks, lash extensions are the perfect alternative for mascara and stick-on lashes for your backpacking trip.


Another major part of your routine may be your brows, especially if you’re a perfectionist with your brows it could be a 10-15 minute job. To reduce packing and effort, a perfect replacement is getting them waxed and tinted before your trip. A wax and tint usually lasts between 4-6 weeks and therefore should last your whole trip! For many girls, lashes and brows are the two main steps in their routine that help their confidence.

Main Glam Tips

Glam makeup is typically a big no-no for backpacking trips, so your highlighter and contour are unfortunately going to have to be left at home. However, another big step in a girl’s routine is skin. Whether it’s foundation or a false tan, being comfortable in your skin is essential even if you are backpacking in the middle of the mountains.

Foundation can typically be very heavy on your skin, and during walking and climbing whilst on your trip, sweating off the tacky foundation is not ideal. Providing coverage and skin care, BB cream is the perfect alternative to conceal your blemishes whilst also giving your skin freedom to breathe. If concealer and foundation are a daily necessity for you, then BB cream is going to be a life-saver for your trip. This is a great time to let your stunning corset tops and outfits do the talking!

Fake Tan

Lastly, fake tan. As an avid fake-tan wearer, I know that spending my trip as Casper the Ghost is not an option. Unfortunately for fake tan, there is not a permanent step that will solve the issue of fake tan for the whole trip. The key step to keeping your false tan long-lasting during your trip is to take as good care as you can! Whether it’s getting a spray tan or doing it yourself, before your trip you can start with the perfect base tan.

The ‘perfect’ base tan will consist of shaving, exfoliating, moisturising and applying. All of these steps will prevent your tan from going patchy and coming off quicker than it typically would; then during your trip be sure to bring a big bottle of moisturiser. Moisturising regularly will help you maintain the perfect base tan whilst also catching a tan from being out all day every day, don’t forget your sunscreen with your moisturiser!

Time To Have Some Fun

Now, it is time to go out there and have some. You have all of the essentials you need for your holiday to keep yourself looking your best. Also, don’t forget a setting spray for your makeup. The last thing you want is streaky makeup for your holiday.