An Essential Guide To End Of Lease Cleaning


Are you moving out of your rented place for a new house? If so, before your landlord or property manager releases your bond, they expect you to perform a thorough cleaning of the entire property.

It is important to maintain the pleasing appearance and ideal functional areas of the rooms, whether it’s a flat, condo, or single-attached house rental. Here’s your invaluable guide to end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to make sure that you leave the rental home clean and in good condition:


Have you ever attempted to finish the entire syllabus the night before an exam? If you have tried that, you will have an idea about the disastrous nature of the result. The same fatal outcomes will occur if you clean the house the day before you leave.

Keep the objects in front of you rather than straining your back with hard cleaning. You need to be very clear about which areas of the house require additional cleaning.

Make Your Own Checklist

It is essential to make and stick to a checklist. Make sure you complete this step perfectly if you want your lease money returned and to make a good impression on your landlord for potential future tenants.

Using a personalized cleaning checklist can improve job and time management. Include a schedule for each task in the cleaning list, indicating how many hours you can spend cleaning the living room, bathroom, and bedroom. It would be best if you always remembered that the room should be cleaned in good condition.

Remember to add the tools and cleaning materials you will need to your checklist. It is crucial for you to have baking soda, sanitizing supplies, sponges, paper towels, rubber gloves, and rags.

Always Start From The Top

Start the lease cleaning procedure by washing the ceiling fans, the roof, the plaster moulds, the light fixtures, the high windows, and the ledges. With this, you will be guiding all the dust and dirt from surfaces at upper levels to levels below them, such as your shelves and, finally, your floor.

You can now completely clean each of your rooms easily. It is always a good idea to remove the debris from windows and other places, and now you can clean the floor quickly.

Clean Room By Room

Cleaning each room separately can help you simplify your vacate cleaning Melbourne. Your capacity to focus on the items improves when you clean each room individually.

You will be more easily distracted, and you will be focusing on just one room. If you follow this procedure for cleaning, you can efficiently finish the task in a shorter period and in an effective manner.

Your Major Appliances Should Be Cleaned

Cleaning all of your key appliances, including your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and washing machine, is vital for a comprehensive bond cleaning in Melbourne. Most of the tough stains on their surfaces and inside them can be removed with a solution of white vinegar and baking soda.

This step makes it extremely simple for you to grease, and food leftovers should be thrown away that you may have. The bottom of your washing machine and dishwasher can be cleaned by rubbing paper towels dipped in the same solution to remove soap scum and other collected debris.

Move The Furniture And Clean It Underneath

You have to move out of the rental property with all your items if your lease ends. You should also take away all the furniture and other accessories. By keeping this fact in mind, you have to move your furniture so that you can clean the places under the furniture easily. Look for any dirt or dust under the bed, sofa, and fridge. Make sure you clean all this before moving out.

Make sure your patio and lawns are free from any debris

You may be careless, but you should never forget to add removing the debris and leaves from lawns and patios to your end-of-lease cleaning checklist. Wipe the dust on the patio furniture, and you should mow your lawn. You can call professional cleaners to clean the swimming pool as it can be hard to clean by yourself.

Hire Cleaning Professionals

Choose to hire cleaning professionals at the end of the lease for several reasons. The main benefit you can get from hiring these professionals is that you can give the rental property to your landlord in good condition. This can be especially important if you wish to avoid any potential disagreements about security deposits or damage fees.

Professional cleaners also have the skills and training to completely clean and sanitize the property. Finally, hiring cleaning services can save you time and effort so you can concentrate on other moving-related activities and getting settled in at your new house. However, it’s essential to thoroughly understand your needs and balance the advantages before choosing.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning can be difficult,  and you need time and patience to complete the task. You must get started in the right way and learn a few things from other web resources before starting cleaning.

And there is also an increased possibility that you can make unknown mistakes that can have a negative impact if you don’t know the basics of cleaning. You may always hire an end-of-lease cleaning service if you still feel unprepared to handle it on your own.