10 Android App Development Frameworks To Watch In 2022


App development frameworks play a vital role in the foundation of the technical field. It is important to be engaged with the audience accordingly to the requirements. The digital world is paving the way to make everything easy and encrypted. To ensure this, mobile apps need to be developed for exponential growth. Listed out are top Android app developments frameworks to watch in the year 2022.


It is a popular user-friendly application developed for mobiles, desktop, and web platforms. It reduces codebase development and offers you a native-like user experience. It is used to develop applications for multiple screens.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM)

It is a Software Development Kit used to develop a cross-platform mobile app in a glitch-free way. It is both applicable for Android and iOS. It is mainly to share codes between mobile apps. And also, the app is free from securities and other vulnerabilities.


Xamarin developers help in producing apps for android, iOS, windows, watchOS, etc. It has strong and active community support and also facilitates code reusability. The apps built with Xamarin are CA Mobile, The World Band, and Captio.

Native Script

The key features are the plugins and customizations. It is the framework used to develop powerful apps embedded with Javascript/Typescript coding. It is useful and often developed for both Android and iOS.

React Native

It is one of the most developed frameworks used all around the globe in both Android and iOS. This framework makes app-building much easier than any other framework. They are easy to maintain apps and can handle the code seamlessly.

JQuery Mobile

It is also known as the HTML-5 base UI system which helps in building high programmable applications for mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. It offers customized themes and also it carries extensive support for firefox including kindle, blackberry, etc.  


It is an open-source development platform that helps in developing future-ready web in mobile with a native experience. High performance and page animations are the key features of this. GoDial and My Shopper are the apps developed by Framework7. 

Express JS

It is a NodeJS-based framework that built Netflix, Uber, and LinkedIn apps for mobiles, desktops. It is one among the backend framework which helps the programmer manage the route and server. 


It helps in building interactive hybrid applications along with cross-platform apps. It is the faster and more powerful development platform and also has complete development over app-building.

Onsen UI

It is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to crafting complex mobile applications. The brilliant HTML apps with Javascript can be built with this framework. It is a time-effective and cost-effective development. The significant feature is that it is easy to learn and use.

Final Verdict

Mobile application developments are evolving every day. The above-listed are some of the frameworks that help in developing apps and modifying them.