Ipoh – A Graceful City

Ipoh is a city in Malaysia that has made fortunes of many a miner in the mining industry. It is located some stone’s throw away from Bangalore. Ipoh was established in a tiny valley. The precious are was processed in Ipoh through a downfall in the country’s minerals.

Ipoh offers a good sightseeing option. It has beautiful temples and shrines. These temples were built during the period of Prince George of the state. You can wear your favorite kaftan and enjoy the beauties of Ipoh while touring it.

Economy of Ipoh

The streets of Ipoh are lined by so many shops that it is difficult to find a place to buy without a lengthy search. Even a good dinner can be hard in many of these commercial establishments.

The Ipoh Junction is the point where several tram lines connect all other parts of the city. It was also called the anaheim of sorts. This is the place where it all began. It was during the era when the trains would arrive directly at the place. It is also quite common to come across trainloads of tourists from other provinces and towns. It’s really beautiful but complicated to navigate.

The Malacca River is also a major component of Ipoh’s economy.

The Ipoh Fort is another thing that gives Ipoh a distinct identity. It is situated on the river and is made up of durable materials. Some of the Ipoh hotels can also be found close to this place. Ipoh Fort is also a very famous sight because of its strategic location. It is situated on the doorstep of a Swamp Forest. There are a few winding trails that lead to the fort.

Tamerlan and Dataran Langkawi are two prominent landmarks in Ipoh. They are located side by side and have a lot in common. They are also considered National Heritage sites. Among the most popular activities in Ipoh is bird watching. The native birds in this area are like the Rupiah Pengiring and the Gothic Perchinguri. Rupiah Pengiring is a stone-riddled mountain that lies at a height of over 7,000 ft. It was discovered by the diary in a bygone era. The height of Ipoh Hill is around 8,000 ft.

Ipoh – old and new

What to visit in Ipoh?

Langkawi Bird Park

This is a large natural bird park dedicated to the protection of some of the most attractive natural inhabitants of the island. Each of the 38 square km areas is a paradise for bird watchers. This is a paradise for naturalists and enthusiasts who seek the thrill and excitement of closely observing birds. A tour to Langkawi Bird Park can easily be arranged by any responsible tour operator.

Langkawi Aquarium

It is one of the best places for those who love marine life and marine life lovers. The exhibited aquariums house hundreds of tropical fishes and marine reptiles that are found around Southeast Asia. The view of the clear waters and the rich marine life is really mind-blowing.

Langkawi Cave National Park

Langkawi cave is the man-made cave explored by Carter and paleo-ists. This cave still has not been explored by modern explorers.

Langkawi Descent

This is the most ancient cave in Singapore.

Langkawi Fort

A land fortress that was constructed in 1788 during the reign of George Yeoh Seok He. The architecture and design of the fort were inspired by the Hastings style.

Langkawi Heritage Railway

This is the heritage rail journey that is between Dukun-on (the lower town) and Tanjung Rhu (the town across the river).

Langkawi Boat Quetrage

It is a boat ride through the beautiful water of the Underwater Bridge.

Langkawi Sunset Cruises

Visit this unusual island offering a cruise around the island, drinks, and dinner.

Langkawi Vegetation

Singapore offers the highest concentration of vegetable crops of any city in the world. You can take a guided tour of the farming areas and see the many different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and crops grown here.

Langkawi’s nightlife

The nightlife in Langkawi is always full of excitement. You can always find somewhere to eat and somewhere to drink. There are many jazz bars, pubs, and restaurants. Even though it is a small island, lots of people come here, especially for the nightlife.

Flag of Malaysia

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